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The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Syria

Syria is a Middle Eastern country with rich cultures and traditions and a beautiful mediterranean weather. Since the beginning of history, Syria has been the center of numerous fascinating cultures and civilizations. Those different civilizations adorned Syria with important magnificent historical sites; some of them were even added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All of that and more made Syria a must-go travel destination for millions of tourists from around the world. Some of the most interesting historical sites that can be found in Syria: The Citadel of Aleppo One of the oldest and largest castles in the...

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What languages do Syrians speak?

Language is the key to communication. Many believe that it is Man’s greatest invention. It dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago, however few know that the very first alphabet in human history was found on the shores of Syria, in the old city of Ugarit, modern day Ras Shamra, Lattakia. Many ancient civilizations inhabited Syria since then speaking different archaic and mostly extinct languages. So what do Syrian people speak today? Arabic Arabic is the official language of The Syrian Arab Republic. Modern Standard Arabic is taught in schools and used in printed materials like books,...

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The Great Mosque of Damascus (The Umayyad Mosque)

Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited capital in the world, has been the center for many civilizations throughout its rich and fascinating history. The city has many sacred historical sites left by the ancient cultures that inhabited Damascus, which made the city a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979. Located in the heart of the Ancient City of Damascus, The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus, is one of the oldest and holiest Islamic monuments in the world. The site of the Umayyad mosque today has been a place of worship for more than three millennia....

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Facts to Know About Syria

What do you know about Syria? The civil war? The tension in the Middle East? The reason behind the refugee crisis in Europe? So you have only heard about it on the news. That only covers the past 7 years of its thousands years’ old rich history. Syria, a cradle of civilizations, has taken an important part in establishing humanity and connecting cultures and people throughout the ages. World Heritage Syria’s rich history and the different civilizations that inhabited its lands have resulted in a beautiful array of historical sites. Some of them are so prominent that they were...

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What Is Happening in Syria for Dummies

The Syrian civil war has plagued the country of its peace with millions of people fleeing to seek refuge within and in the neighboring countries. It has become one of the most brutal and horrific civil wars ever witnessed in the recent history, and it does not seem to end any time soon. According to the recent statistics, almost half a million Syrians have been killed so far and over 1 million injured due to the war. So, what led to all this? How did the Syrian war begin? It started back in 2011, when the rights of a...

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