Russian soldiers, who are looting Ukrainians’ homes as well after killing Ukrainians, have started taking stolen cars out of Belarus and buying up gold with stolen hryvnias.

Source: Belarusian journalist Anton Motolko’s “Belaruski Hayun” project on Telegram

According to “Belaruski haiun”: “Observations have shown that most of the cars stolen from Ukrainians were brought into Belarus – on April 4-5, just after the start of the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Ukraine. Moreover, it is known that even several trucks with logos of the Ukrainian trademark “Gavrilovsky Kurchata” were taken out of Ukraine”.

Details: The project has previously written more than once about the fact that civilian cars without license plates marked “V” have been spotted on Belarusian roads.

It was noted that while at the beginning of the war it could be said that these were personal cars belonging to Russian soldiers, after a couple of weeks it became obvious that there were stolen cars among them.

It is also reported that more and more Ukrainians began to write to Belaruski Hayun asking to find their cars stolen by marauding Russian soldiers from the temporarily occupied territories and subsequently taken to Belarus.

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Another project collected photos of cars that may have been taken out of Ukraine. The project specifies makes, approximate year of manufacture, and colors.

Among them are many Mitsubishi cars. Most of these cars are new – made between 2018 and 2020.

The project also reports that they are aware of cases where marauding Russian soldiers tried to sell bundles of Ukrainian hryvnias and bought up jewelry.


The Russian occupiers repeatedly told family members in telephone conversations that they were looting Ukrainian homes. In each case, the wives of the Russians encouraged the soldiers to steal “everything and more.
For example, a Russian occupant boasted in a telephone conversation with his wife that he had stolen “cosmetics, branded sneakers and quality T-shirts” for her from the Ukrainian home, while the Russian occupant’s wife asked for a laptop and a tracksuit.&#13
On April 3, the Belaruski Hayun project released more than 3 hours of surveillance footage from a SDEC pickup point in Mozyr, Belarus, near the state border with Ukraine. The video clearly shows the faces and some chevrons on the sleeves of the invaders. The invaders brazenly organized the delivery of looted property from Ukrainians back to their homes;
On April 4, opposition journalists from Belarus managed to find out the phone numbers, military units and cities of residence of the Russian occupants who organized the delivery of looted Ukrainian property to Mozyr ;
According to Alexander Markushin, the mayor of Irpen, which was liberated from the occupiers, the Russians took everything from washing machines to underwear out of the city;