Friday, April 8, 2022, 11:03 p.m.

Russian servicemen forcibly deported residents of the town of Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast, to Russia.

Source: local resident in comments to Ukrainska Pravda

Verbatim: “My mother and my two brothers spent more than four weeks in the basement in the town of Rubizhne together with two other families (2 adults and 5 children). They had a minimal supply of food and water. It was almost impossible to evacuate their part of the city because of constant shelling and explosions. She rarely got in touch to say she was alive.

“On March 31 I could no longer contact them. On April 7, she called and said that they had been moved to Russia and she didn’t know how to contact them. Then the connection was lost.”

Details: On April 8 at 5:40 a.m., a woman called and very briefly said that they were being taken to the Leningrad region. About 100 people were taken by train to some kind of work.

Local resident, verbatim: “My mother was told that they were lucky, because right before that 300 people were sent to Siberia from this place. Now she is on the phone and said that they were supposed to be taken from Lehaya station, Kamiansk, Rostov Oblast, to Kursk. But then the direction was changed, and now they are being taken to the Leningrad Oblast.

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Details: The deported residents of Rubizhne were fed, and tea was served upon request. On the train, they were fed with a ration of stew and water, tea, mashed potatoes “Mivina,” and children were given cookies.

The last time a woman was able to take a shower was on March 8 because “the water was like gold.”

Resident forcibly deported from Rubizhne, Transcript: “I cooked food for 15 people under shelling near the basement of my house. I buried 5 people in my yard, and twice God saved me from shrapnel. Now we ride the train and are scared of every sound, I can’t believe they aren’t shooting.”