Author: Tarek Al-Khalil

Gambling Trends in the Middle East

So, you’re curious about the latest gambling trends in the Middle East. Thankfully, you’re in the right place. We’re about to take you through the evolving landscape of gaming and betting in this fascinating region. ...

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After a hiatus of almost 11 years, diplomatic relations have been restored between Syria and Tunisia, as reported by Deutsche Welle. The diplomatic freeze, dating back to the turbulent times of the Arab Spring, ended in a thaw that has been hailed as a sign of potential stability in the region. Beyond the realm of politics, this development has also brought about a notable cultural exchange. One manifestation of this is the newfound access Syrian nationals have to Tunisia’s hugely popular game, Big Bass Splash. The game, a nationwide phenomenon in Tunisia, has quickly garnered a devoted following among Syrians, becoming an unexpected but welcome symbol of the renewed ties between the two nations.