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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: The Horrors Of Today’s Time

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the number of people trying to flee the war-torn country has increased in numbers substantially. Some 4,5 million Syrians have fled to the neighboring countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq. This chaos as well as deteriorating conditions and human right violation in these countries have formed favorable conditions for traffickers and exploiters to take advantage of displaced refugees. Currently, there are about 1,5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon while over 74% do not have any legal status. Back in 2018 the Lebanese government has called for the return of refugees back to...

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Harnessing the Power of Technology to Solve the Refugee Crisis

Fleeing religious persecution, war, violent conflict, and human rights abuse, millions of people have been uprooted from their homes. We call them refugees, forlorn people in search of refuge. Of the 65.6 million refugees worldwide, three countries account for 60 percent of the displaced: Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan. What It Means to Be a Refugee Being a refugee means that you are uprooted from your native land and home. It means you have lost your friends and a supportive social network. It implies that you have lost your identity because you have no proof you are who you...

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Top Destinations for Travel Photography in Syria

Travel photography is documenting your travels by taking photos of the cities you visit, the people you see and the cultures you encounter, capturing memories of times you spent beyond borders and oceans, exploring new worlds. From its ancient cities and golden deserts to its captivating architecture and rich culture, Syria has everything a travel photographer needs and more. The country is rich with haunting secrets that are yet to be captured. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing destinations shared by 1. Explore the ancient city of Damascus The oldest continuously inhabited capital in...

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Rights and Responsibilities of Refugees: Everything You Need to Know

A refugee is a person who has fled their country for fear of their human rights being violated due to race, religion, political affiliation or unrest. Every year refugees seek asylum in foreign countries.  The 1951 Refugee Convection and 1967 Protocol treaties were drafted to outline the rights and status of refugees in a foreign country. However, only 148 countries globally are parties to the Convention and/or the Protocol treaties. As professional New York Immigration lawyers from Corey Lee Law point out, just like any legal foreigner, refugees have the right to life, good health, work and education, among other basic...

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Safe Destinations to Visit in Syria, 2018

Yes, it says 2018. You did not read it incorrectly. Before 2011 and the Arab Spring, Syria was an important travel destination for millions of travelers from around the world but because of the civil war that erupted in the country tourism stopped. However, Syria still has safe areas that could be visited and enjoyed. So if you found yourself in Syria with some free time in your schedule, here are safe exciting places you could check out this year: The Ancient City of Damascus Damascus, the oldest city in the world, is still as alive as ever despite...

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